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PRP Injections

PRP Injections

About PRP Injections

PRP injections help speed your body’s natural healing response to tendon injuries, joint inflammation, and other painful conditions that impact your orthopedic health. They are one of the many advanced solutions the experts at Los Angeles Orthopedic Surgery Specialists use to improve your overall mobility and quality of life. Call one of their eight Los Angeles locations in East Los Angeles, Santa Fe Springs, Pico Rivera, Tarzana, Encino, Valencia, Montebello, or on Wilshire Boulevard today to schedule an evaluation. Or try their secure online service to request an appointment. 

What are PRP injections?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections contain a concentration of growth factors and plasma that enhance your body’s ability to repair damaged or diseased tissue through new cell growth.

The platelet-rich formula, which is obtained from a sample of your blood and processed in a centrifuge, is injected into targeted treatment sites during an office visit. PRP may also be introduced during surgeries such as rotator cuff repair to help accelerate healing.

What conditions can you treat with PRP injections?

Your provider at Los Angeles Orthopedic Surgery Specialists may recommend PRP injections for a variety of musculoskeletal complaints, including:

Muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries

Acute sports injuries and chronic conditions such as tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, ligament tears, and muscular strains can take weeks to months to heal. PRP injections can speed the healing process, reducing pain and returning you to routine activity faster.

Postsurgical care

Plastic surgeons first used PRP injections to speed recovery following jaw surgeries and other cosmetic procedures. Orthopedic surgeons now utilize the therapy to accelerate healing following joint, muscle, and tendon repairs.


Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition that affects the cartilage in your joints. When injected into the affected joint, PRP injections provide a natural anti-inflammatory effect that is often superior to cortisone injections and other joint treatments.

What can I expect during PRP injections?

PRP injections are an in-office procedure that starts with a blood draw. The mixture is taken from your blood, eliminating the risks of an allergic response or other potential side effects that some treatments may introduce.

The blood sample is then placed in a centrifuge, which quickly spins the blood to separate the plasma and platelets from other cells. The providers at Los Angeles Orthopedic Surgery Specialists use the highly trusted Stryker® PRP delivery system to prepare the mixture for injection.

Your specialist then injects the material into the targeted treatment site. A topical numbing agent may be used first to prevent discomfort during the injection. Because PRP therapy relies on your body’s natural healing response, it can take several weeks to experience the full benefits of the injection.

Schedule an evaluation at Los Angeles Orthopedic Surgery Specialists today to learn more about PRP injections. Call the office or request an appointment online.