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Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery

About Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most effective pain management options for people with stubborn knee pain — up to 95% of patients undergoing knee replacement experience dramatic pain relief. At Los Angeles Orthopedic Surgery Specialists, a team of renowned orthopedic surgeons offers a range of knee pain treatment options, from injections to knee replacement. There are Los Angeles-area offices in East Los Angeles, Wilshire, Santa Fe Springs, Pico Rivera, Tarzana, Encino, Valencia, and Montebello, California, so call the one nearest to you or click on the online scheduler for help today.

What is knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement surgery removes damaged bone and cartilage — the material that protects and pads the bones — from your knee joint. Artificial parts made of metal and plastic replace those parts of your knee. 

Knee replacement surgery is perhaps the most effective pain management solution for people who have chronic knee pain. This surgery is widely acknowledged as having one of the highest success rates of all surgical procedures performed today. 

When might I need a knee replacement?

The main reason for knee replacement is chronic knee pain, often accompanied by mobility issues. The chronic pain commonly develops from osteoarthritis, a degenerative form of the disease that breaks down your knee cartilage. 

Rheumatoid arthritis and post-inflammatory arthritis (arthritis that develops at the site of a previous injury) may lead to knee replacement too. In some cases, a severe knee injury may require a knee replacement.

In these situations, knee pain often recedes with nonsurgical treatments like physical therapy, exercise, and injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), hyaluronic acid, or corticosteroids. 

However, if you’ve already tried nonsurgical approaches without any luck, a knee replacement could be the best option. You can have a knee replacement at any age, but most people are 50-80 years old. 

What is the process for knee replacement? 

A total knee replacement restores your whole knee joint, including the medial compartment (inner knee), lateral compartment (outer knee), and patellofemoral compartment (behind the kneecap). 

After removing damaged cartilage and a minimal amount of bone from your joint surfaces, your surgeon positions two titanium implants: a femoral implant at the top of your knee and a tibial base plate at the bottom. A polyethylene liner goes between the two metal components, allowing for smooth gliding.

If you have damage in just one knee compartment, a partial knee replacement restores only that area.

The Los Angeles Orthopedic Surgery Specialists team uses state-of-the-art Stryker® joint implants. Stryker implants work with your body, giving you the most natural knee movement possible. 

After your knee replacement, the team sets up your physical therapy right away; it’s the best way to start your recovery. The team gives you specific instructions to guide your path back to active life, including returning to walking without support and resuming driving. 

Are you ready for knee pain relief? Call the Los Angeles Orthopedic Surgery Specialists office nearest to you or book your appointment using online scheduling now.