Wide-Awake Hand Surgery at LAOSS Opens Doors to More Efficient Procedures and Better Patient Outcome

Feb 14, 2023

Dr. Brent Pickrell (2nd left) pictured with his talented staff of medical professionals
Los Angeles Orthopedic Surgery Specialists and Advanced Orthopedics, a leading orthopedic health services practice, is proud to offer wide-awake hand surgery at our clinic located on the campus of Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital in East LA.

In the past, even relatively minor hand surgery was a major event. Now, LAOSS
surgeons can perform hand surgery in a matter of minutes – while the patient is
still wide awake. Minor hand surgeries performed using this method include carpal
tunnel releases, trigger finger releases, foreign body removals and De Quervaine
releases. “It’s performed to make the process of minor hand surgery easier for our
patients by avoiding any scheduling delays typically encountered in the operating
room setting and offers a less invasive approach which allows for less preparation
and recovery time,” said Dr. Kevin Pelton, President.
In addition, wide awake surgery is often performed to help the surgeon ensure
quality outcomes. Patients can participate in their own surgery by testing their
tendon repair or trigger finger release at the time of surgery to ensure success. Our
experienced surgeons offer our patients the comprehensive care needed for an
effective procedure and a successful recovery. Our primary goal is to get our
patients back to their regular activities and to restore the function of their hand.
Harvard trained physician Dr. Brent Pickrell, introduced this technique to our
practice earlier this year. “Using this technique has greatly helped improve access
for our patients, “said Dr. Pickrell. “When most patients think of surgery, they
usually think of anesthesia and being “knocked out” for the procedure. Wideawake surgery opens doors to more efficient procedures and better patient
LAOSS invites you to learn more about our areas of treatment, including surgical
procedures performed. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on medical
advancements, such as wide-awake hand surgery, so when you choose LAOSS as
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